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Polatap Bluetooth Audio And Battery Traveler Kit

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POLATAP Bluetooth Audio And Battery Traveler Kit

Travellers acid for a ultimate Bluetooth audio and backup battery pack to keep there inclination charged while travelling might be meddlesome in a new travelling pack that is being combined by Polatap and includes active sound cancelling earphones, a Bluetooth receiver, a unstable battery, built in chargers and a orator that has been singly designed to wall snap together magnetically into one easy-to-use and ride system.

Watch a video next to learn some-more about a ultimate transport pack that is launched by Kickstarter this week and is now accessible to behind with pledges starting from $15 for super earlybird backers. The Polatap Traveler Kit contains 5 products that include of :

1. Active Noise Cancelling Earphones – World-class sound cancelling performance, ergonomic fit, higher sound quality, aptX codec, and 120 hours of active sound cancelling with Battery Hub.
2. Bluetooth Receiver – Turn any connected headphones wireless. Supports any connected audio product, compress size, and concordant with in-flight party regulating a enclosed 3.5mm audio cable.
3. Metal Clip Accessory – Use with Bluetooth Receiver for easy headphone handle government by writing onto shirt or pocket.
4. Battery Hub – 6,000mAh capacity, turbo charging, reward aluminum design, and supports Lightning, Micro-USB, and USB-C plugs for charging a battery as good as all 3 ports for charging your devices.
5. Speaker Block – Efficient 3W audio motorist and 200 hours of play time with Battery Hub.
6. Cable Kit – Built-in Lightning Micro-USB charging cables, and supports coexisting charging.
7. Carrying Case – One tiny unstable box to lift it all.

The Traveler Kit is a modular set of Bluetooth audio and charging products that uses a 9-pin captivating complement to assign inclination and capacitate active sound cancelling features. The magnets snap together, creation this modular complement free to connect. POLATAP products can be magnetically connected in any orientation. Any multiple works. You can most do it in a dim or with your eyes closed. POLATAP has implausible coherence when it comes to connectivity. You don’t have to lift any additional accessories or cables around since POLATAP supports all connectivity options for all of your devices.

Jump over to a central Kickstarter debate page by following a couple below.

Source: Kickstarter

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