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LG ThinQ WK9 Google Assistant Smart Speaker Announced

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LG ThinQ WK9

We have seen a series of opposite intelligent speakers with Google Assistant announced during this years CES, LG has now announced theirs, a LG ThinQ WK9.

The LG ThinQ WK9 is a intelligent orator than also comes with an 8 in. touchscreen arrangement and a device comes with LG ThinQ synthetic comprehension built in and also modernized audio from Meridian.

The device comes with a front confronting camera so it can be used for video calls and it comes with Google Assistant and also Google Chromecast built in.

LG have not supposing any sum on pricing or a recover date as nonetheless for their new LG ThinQ WK9 speaker, we can find out some-more some-more sum about a device during a couple below.

We have seen utterly a few opposite Google Assistant powered inclination from several manufacturers during CES, Google is looking to take on Amazon Alexa enabled inclination with the new devices.

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